Video Testimonials

 Joanna Burke - I just wanted to take a moment to tell everyone how proud i am of them!!!! You all have been doing such amazing work and I love seeing everyone’s success and accomplishments especially w the opening of the YOU shows and our other tribe members who have live shows currently running. I wish i could b there physically to support, but please know I am there in spirit always!!!! Break Legs everyone!!!! I know I haven’t seen a lot of my tribe lately due to an extremely busy schedule and new opportunities but It is BECAUSE OF YOU😉 that these new opportunities arise and that is something i will never I earned the honor and privilege of putting on my mocap suit for the 1st time to perform in the volume-and I thank each and every one of YOU for your patience, understanding, support and for Chuck Marra and Megan Foley Marra’s creation that is THE PROJECT!!!😘
YOU all have added and continue to add so much to my life 
and i love u all so much💕🦄

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