Our Productions

at the Whitmore- Lindley Theatre  CENTER

 11006 magnolia , NO. Hollywood

in the NOHO Arts District


Three Short Original Plays. Three Inspired Casts.

The actors were asked to write a piece about

some event that profoundly affected their lives, 

a group of people that changed  their lives  

and a single person  that touched them deeply.

 Out of that , IT THEY YOU was born.

This is very personal piece that will touch and move you

 and leave you  more aware of how your actions affect those around

Meet the casts here: It, They, You

Dec 2, and 3 @ 7:30 pm

Dec 4 @ 2:00 pm

CA Bond #810001752

11240 W. Magnolia Suite 102

North Hollywood Ca 91602

contact us: 818 216 9350

email: meganmarra@me.com

Pursuant to California Law:

We are considered a "Talent Training Service' which, by definition is:"Talent training service" means a person who, for a fee from or,on behalf of, an artist, provides or offers to provide, or advertises or represents itself as providing, an artist, directly or by referral to another person,with lessons, coaching, seminars,  workshops, or similar training as an artist.