Professional Scene Study Class

.. if you want to focus just on actors with other                  focused professional actors, welcome


Sunday Nights 5:30-9:30 pm



If you feel that success in this industry is simply based on looks, a numbers game, who you know,

or there are a hundred thousand really talented actors out there who will work for less than you,

then you need this class.


 SUNDAY NIGHTS: Prepare for your week and get your head in the right place.


This is an on-going class which meets weekly on Sunday nights.  We are going to get you ready for any and all auditions and roles  that come your way.  Movies, television, commercials, or theater,  whether comedic or dramatic,  we will work on  it all. If you are looking for a "real" acting class, this is it .


Scene Study: You must bring  your own scenes and you will be paired with another actor from class


Audition Technique: We will  provide you with cold read scenes, or commercial copy when working on audition techniques.


Every actor will work every week.


The class will start with relaxation/sensory work. Chuck was trained by Lee Strasberg at NYU/TISCH and does not deviate from the training he got with Lee. Our goal is to pass it  the on to you so you can learn to use it as it was meant to be...a tool for the actor, not a style of acting.


You will work with both Megan and Chuck in this class, and all classes. We have worked on both sides of the camera for years and we have a lot of knowledge and passion to share with you.


  • Learn how to turn your fear into Passion

  • It is time to get identify what is in your way and get past it.

  • Work on essential cold reading and audition skills

  • Learn how to bring more "You" to your work

  • How to keep your work simple and powerful

  • Learn powerful Line Learning techniques

  • Learn how to break down a scene quickly and effectively

  • Develop your concentration.

  • Grow to be a more expressive and truthful actor.

  • Learn how casting works form the inside and what we are really looking for.

  • Many  of the classes are on-camera so we can review your work in class or send it to you for review

  • Find inspiration again by doing the work






As a courtesy to your fellow classmates a one-month deposit is required.





Make up classes are available. You may miss 1 class a month  for work or extreme/contagious illness.


Every actor, regardless of their level or number of years in the industry, must continue training. It is essential to remain sharp, to continue to hone skills, and to keep that internal fire lit.

Join us here in our professional, nurturing and safe environment.




The  knowledge and experience between the two of you is enormous. You inspire, and find every artist's unique qualities. The safe space you provide to explore and create is truly unique.  

You guys are incredible!! 

                                                     ~Kristin Carey

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