FREE Online Quarantine Resources!

These are unprecedented times. With so many businesses closed, and life as we knew it at a temporary standstill, it feels like we should have all kinds of free time on our hands, right? But if you're anything like us, you are busier than ever. Maybe not with work, or maybe working in a way that is new to you, but busy nonetheless. This is a great time to turn unexpected challenges into new opportunities. I know, I know - you've heard that cliche before. The real question is HOW do we do that when paychecks are slim (or non-existent) and we are stuck at home, right? Well, here's the answer... Never before have there been so many free resources open to us. In times of trial, we come together to support each other, and content administrators are picking up the banner and opening their content vault for all of us to enjoy - and much of it is FREE!

We've included a list of our favorite free online resources below. But we know this is just a drop in the bucket. So if you have a free go-to resource that is keeping you sane and helping you grow in this time of confinement, send us an email to let us know. We'll add it to this list and add your voice to the thousands who are joining together to support each other through this crisis.

Oh, and another thing... Have you seen some of the breakdowns lately? Or even watched the entertainment segments on local news? There are a lot of projects hatching right now that capitalize on the quarantine theme and are being shot while also complying with the stay-at-home orders. Using web cams and virtual meeting software, creative filmmakers are telling very compelling stories. Just because we're stuck at home, doesn't mean we have to stop being creators. So, dust off those storytelling skills, gather your actor/filmmaker tribe around your socially-distant computer screens, and start creating content! Now is as good a time as any.

FREE Quarantine Resources

Actor Resources

Fitness Resources

  • Popsugar’s new Fitness App is FREE -

  • Debbie Allen Dance Classes via Instagram: @therealdebbieallen

  • L.A. Times Guide to Online Dance Classes:

  • Insider’s list of free (and free trials) of quarantine-approved workouts -

  • Gold’s Gym – free classes on its app:

Educational Resources

  • Yale’s Most Popular Class is Free Online:

  • Nearly 500 Ivy League Courses free during Quarantine:

  • Another source for Ivy League courses (may be duplicates of previous list):

  • For Kids – list of kids resources:

  • For Kids – Scholastic Learn at Home:

Museums, galleries, movies, concerts, etc


  • Cooking Classes via Instagram by Michelin-star-rated chef - @massimobottura

  • Language Learning:

  • Mandala Drawing class via Instagram by Elle Luna: @elleluna

  • Kids Art Classes via Instagram: @wendymac

Zoo & Wildlife Live-streams

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