How Do I Get My Child Into Acting?

At nearly every party we go to people pull us aside and as up this question. How does my child break into movies? How do I get my kid into commercials?

It can be a tricky road, so often, we are glad we can help.

Okay, so the answer is pretty direct.

The first thing is headshots. Your child changes with each season, and every time they look different, they'll need new pictures. That doesn't mean that you need to spend a fortune, but if their pictures don't look like them when they walk through the door... you may have wasted your drive into town.

Second: Classes. Your child may be cute and funny, and when you walk into an audition lobby, you will see it is filled with other cute and funny kids around the same age (not as cute and funny as yours obviously, but.. ) they have to really have to 'be on their game'. This is a lifetime of learning for your child and yes. for you..and.. things change.. they need to STAY SHARP. Remember, this is not a talent contest, this is a business so you have to 'deliver the goods" when you get them to the audition, and not have any excuses for not being into it. Rember this as well: you can be very talented and cute as all get out, and still not get the job. So classes are a way to learn that you have to work, even when you don't feel like it, or are tired or stressed. There are classes, and let's not confuse them with industry workshop classes..and they don't have to be expensive so do your homework. We're talking about regular scene study classes and Improv classes.

Now, a word about workshops. Workshops are a great education. If you are looking to 'get your child seen and into a job' you are barking up the wrong tree. You will be getting information from people who just left their office to teach you. How do you get better prep than that?

Reels, Headshot, Resumes Instagram/Social Media:

We will do a separate blog on all these subjects, but let's just state that all actors, young and old are going to need footage of them acting for their reel. You can spend a fortune on this as well, or you can again.. do your homework. You can also find student films to be in. Both of those two things can get you started.

Then we come to the agent and manager questions. This is every actor's issue, and the answer is to again .. do your homework, find out who has clients who are working, and see if it is the right fit for you. This is not a quick experience. Needing to find everything quickly and perfectly, comes out of desperation and not knowing how the industry works. This goes to gathering information and training, and marketing.

Simply put, for now, marketing is just letting everyone in the industry know you are working and that you are "open for business". Keep everyone up to speed on what your child is doing professionally.

After all that is in the works, never forget to allow time for them to be a kid. They will only be a kid for a few very short years. Enjoy it.

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