Good News/ Bad News

The bad news is, if you are on this page, we are almost  sold out.

The good news is, We hold several tickets to be sold at the door, so call or come by the theatre 

or call 818 216 9350

to see if you can still get a ticket.

Theatre at :

Te New Collectve

6440 Santa Monica Blvd.


CA Bond #810001752

11240 W. Magnolia Suite 102

North Hollywood Ca 91602

contact us: 818 216 9350


Pursuant to California Law:

We are considered a "Talent Training Service' which, by definition is:"Talent training service" means a person who, for a fee from or,on behalf of, an artist, provides or offers to provide, or advertises or represents itself as providing, an artist, directly or by referral to another person,with lessons, coaching, seminars,  workshops, or similar training as an artist.