Young Actors Film Workshop

...a 4 week  intensive

The best way to prepare for Pilot season to prepare  all year long.

The Teens

13-17 years


4-6 pm

Session 1


 Jan 22

The Teens

13-17 years

Wednesdays  9:30- 11:30pm

The Class

Each month we have 3 weeks of acting exercises, vocal exercises and rehearsals of their scene. On the fourth week, we film their scene on a set. We will then edit it and they will have a scene that they can use on their reel or give to their reps to  use to promote them.


This class will teach them acting skill, yes, but will also prepare them for life and life skills. It will help them with their confidence throughout their lives when testing, interviewing  for colleges or jobs as well as making friends and expanding their creativity.

This is a class for serious actors. They do not have to have experience but they do have to have the desire and drive to become a working professional actor.

The class was designed to be an ongoing class to develop actors but cn also be taken one month at a time.


We will help anyone who does not have representation to  try to get representation by giving them marketing tools and advice for where they are in the business.

Our goal for our students:

We want to take 10 very committed young actors and focus them:

  • On getting ready for the whole year not just Pilot season.

  • On getting comfortable with themselves .

  • On learning how to bring their best self to their audition

  • On learning how to develop characters

  • On learning how to break down scripts or sides.

  • On learning how to get focused and stay focused.

  • On auditioning better

  • On being prepared to be on a set

  • On being grounded, unique and confident


About  Us

We’ve been training actors of all ages for three decades.  

We are award winning Filmmakers and Casting Directors.

We have shot 25 films and so far we have released 8 in Film Festivals all over the world.  We have won 19 Awards including several Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Ensemble awards...

 Over the years they have had some great finds and students. One of their early discoveries was Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense/ Forrest Gump )when he was 5. We put him in his first commercial and found him his first agent and have since taught MAN  amazng kids. Read More





Our students work!
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contact us: 818 216 9350


Pursuant to California Law:

We are considered a "Talent Training Service' which, by definition is:"Talent training service" means a person who, for a fee from or,on behalf of, an artist, provides or offers to provide, or advertises or represents itself as providing, an artist, directly or by referral to another person,with lessons, coaching, seminars,  workshops, or similar training as an artist.